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Default Re: A few maybe not so simple questions ?!?

first of all, welcome to the hookahpro community. You've asked some good questions and received some good answers. Now here's my 2cents:

1)laylina isn't neccesarily a bad brand, but there are better out there. AF being one of them.AF is a reputable brand with a ton of quality flavors to choose from, and for the price,you really can't go wrong.SB is also a very popular brand, known for a large variety of flavors, quality tobacco and longevity of taste throughout your session. I've tried 3 flavors and loved 2 of them.The x-mas blend and the marlette.The price, however, is too high imo.

2)I've never tried a nammor or razan hose, but they are loved by many here.As dunkel stated, the inside diameter of the hose makes all the difference. I have a $15 cobra that works pretty well. Mya also makes a larger diameter hose-

3)funnels are great for weter brands and also sustain the flavor abit longer. But clay bowls are fine for dryer brands such as al nahkla.

4)if your getting a harsh flavor from your coals there could be a problem with your setup.You may be burning your moassell due to over packing or too much heat.Exoticas are a great coal for the $ but they burn hot so watch you heat management. Al ajdad aren't the worst coal you can get but exoticas are hands down, a better buy.

5) I've never used a heba defusser but I have a homemade one that works just fine. Defussers allow for more bubbles which means more smoke is exposed to the cooling effects of the water.And yes, they are quieter.

good luck!

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