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Default Re: 156% tax hike on shisha in the US?

They also don't take into account how even cigarettes are smoked which matters a lot , nor do they bother with the fact that tobacco consumption and the various health aliments we hear so much about very drastically across the globe which says a lot to anyone honest enough to notice. Basically, the statistics about smoking and health are so biased and poorly constructed that they show far less then we are led to believe.

Even if tobacco consumption is 100% as bad we are told the fact is that lowered life expectancy of cigarette smokers combined with the insanely high taxes we already pay mean that we pay for the health care of non-smokers in a net sense. Read the book for "your own good" by Sullum if your interested in this sort of issue.

In any case, plenty of behaviors have far worse public health outcomes then smoking yet such behaviors are not taxed at all. I speak of the horrendous American diet, lethargy, homosexual activity and a wide range of pollution.

Still, facts simply don't matter when dealing with the new commissars and as a result I see no reason why anyone should cave into petty despotism.
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