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Default Re: 156% tax hike on shisha in the US?

In his case....its all a "lefty" tax and spend ploy.

The trouble is that the numbers dont add up with the plan. One of these articles explained that with the new tax imposed...... we would need 22 million more smokers than there are right now to come up with the funds that the leftwing dreamers are trying to milk from tobacco.

The other terrible thing is that children will have free health care under the plan........ even if the parents can afford the health insurance. The qualification cap is at $80,000 per year income. IF you can make $80k a year.... then your employer is going to have a good insurance plan for your family at a good rate...... or at the very least you can afford to purchase a plan for your child.

If you are going to do that sort of thing, we need to limit to ONLY those kids whose families are working jobs where plans are unavailable or the income is too low to afford a health care plan.

Its just a slow march to socialized medicine.

Seems like every time something needs to be banned, taxed or restricted....... it is "for the sake of the children".
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