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Default Re: Tangiers tastes nice xD

Finshed my exams a couple of hours ago. Am expecting an A, went really good, easier than i expected.
Anw back to topic. Gave tangiers a go and i think it was my first failed attempt. Good amount of smoke, a hint flavour (not sure if it was strawberry [i was trying with coolstrawberry] and the tingle every one's talking about. I am sure i overpacked, ALOT. Hole all the way down and just half a QL. Smoke was really good for that amount of heat but the taste wasnt as other said and there was that tingle at the back of the throat.
Am prolly giving it another try with a friend tonight. I'll take pics of the packing and whole setup to see if you could help me troubleshoot. I know all the info is on the forums and i went over it a lot of times but didnt get it right the first time. i know you cant help any more, there are maybe 100 threads about this.
Dont bother telling me how to pack, i can easily find it in onther thread. Anw gotta go cook something for the family [jack potatoes with tuna and corn sound good to me]
i'll get back to you later with my second attempt

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