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Vinegar for 5 minutes... man thats way too much. I only dip it for a few secs and the rince. I repeat 3-4 times and then wash with water. I've used that in all my hookahs and they all lasted 2-3 years plus. I never used baking soda, tho.
My MYA is much heavier than my MZ but i believe they ar MUCH EASIER to break cz of all the threaded parts and delicate work on them. My MZ is light but 2 years of everyday use did seem much for him. Still in perfect condition except the green stuff that come out of the stem when i forget to empty the water after a couple of days.

MY HONEST ADVISE: If you want a durable rig for heavy duty every day use (2 and 3 times a day), make your self a favour and buy a good solid egyptian. And believe me this is anything but biased cz i just got my mya and i absolutelly love it. If you want a delicate beautiful hookah with a different style that you will smoke out of 5-6 times a week, Get a high end mya.

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