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Default Re: New Mya hookahs

Lmao, I'm still smoking out of the Mya and I have a b/u in the closet I might just pull out and use. I just need to get some Layalina here, only having this Nakhla is killin me!!!

I had my Mya well over 2 years even closer to 3 years, she has lasted me a long time and I've smoked about 2-3 times a day on average and up to 10-12 times with friends over. She has seen her fair share of abuse(dropped, kicked, fallen on top of) and has stood strong through the whole thing, although I did replace the alum stem with a brass one a long time ago. I went through one Egyptian 4 hose i got a long time ago that I really didn't like much, maybe just because it was a cheap knock off. I guess it all boils down to preference in the end and there is no straight 100% answer to what is best, just what the individual person enjoys.

Thanks for everything.
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