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Default Re: Porcelain Syrian and other new stuff

Heya Easy, the Van custom does have a good story behind it. I was driving around in the Van region of Turkey a few years back with this German engineer and we got lost while looking to meet up with this local about a water treatment project that never went anywhere.

Anyway, while driving around lost we ran across this guy that had an ancient Lambretta 3 wheeled truck broken down in the middle of nowhere and covered in grey dust. He had a bunch of ceramic stuff he needed to get to some shop at a nearby town so we gave him a lift with a pile of his goods flooding out of the sides of our car and looking pretty comically. What happened is that we delivered his goods, saved his job and he showed us how to get to the town we were trying to find. When we parted ways he gave us the address of a cousin that he said we needed to look up.

We visited the cousin after the business we had was rapped up and the family was very grateful for the help we gave. The whole family was bunch of artisans and we got to watch them make the narghile while we had lunch and afternoon tea on shores of Lake Van. The decorations were added latter and we each got one.

The designs on it are influenced by the art of the later days of the Ghaznavid empire which was a big deal in the region from about the late 900s to the tail end of the 1100s. The designs are classic Islamic representations of wheat, water and soil and the continuity of G-d’s creation and I was told are sacred in inspiration.

The whole thing is made of cast brass coated with carved nickel if memory serves and it gives wonderful smoke although it is a bitch to clean.

Hi ZS, all the Ishfanis are from the province of the same name in Iran and I got them because they represent typical artwork for the region done with modern materials. They are solid brass and they give fantastic sessions. A lot of Iranian rigs are pretty similar to those found in Lebanon so that was good a guess.

Oh, ZS - check your email for a bunch of tunes I sen from my various musical projects.
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