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I ordered a Mini Pumpkin from HC a few weeks ago for a friend, only to find when it arrived that the gasket on the stem was too large to fit in the vase without being forced. In addition to the constant worry that this would lead to the vase breaking in short order, attempting to remove the stem caused a sudden release that led to water spilling all over the place. I contacted them about the problem, and their advice was to remove the bowl and hose, and pour the water out of the vase through the stem. I'd kind of hoped they'd do better than that. I should point out the down stem and interior of the stem showed rust after only three days, so following this advice would only have worsened that problem. Piss poor solution to a customer problem, and a product that is already rusted beyond recovery... Bad business in my book, and they won't ever get another dime from this guy.
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