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Default Re: sorry to ask but...

Originally Posted by wooshra View Post
there are some questions ive got.
-what is the difference between a syrian and an egyptian? (yeh i really d know)

-How do i clean an unwashable hose?

-theres a Hookah Cafe near my home, but for me all the molasses taste the same... its me or what could it be?

-seems that the only place i can get molasses is that cafe... and they are unbranded.
Syrians stems are more decorated, narrow shape. Egyptians have larger bubbled stems with little to no decorative etching/stamping. Either can be made of brass, stainless steel etc etc. No type is metal specific.

You can not clean an unwashable hose. More than likely it will either rust if it is lined with a metal wire or fall apart if its wraped leather.

As for the cafe, it could be them using the cheapest possible shisha they could buy. In other words, them.

Almost all tobacco for hookah is molasses or honey based. Depends on what brand you buy. For example Al Fakher contains molasses.
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