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Originally Posted by golemjk View Post
I finally reached him on the phone. It sounds like everything is run out of his garage so he has no working hours. I had to pay on paypal and he doesn't know how to refund anything with them. He told me today that he was going to Washington Mutual to get a cashiers check and then he's going to mail it to me. The check printer was supposedly screwed up so he said it could be a couple of days. I don't mind being patient but he also needed to let me know the hookah arrived alright and he was planning on doing a refund. All I knew is I mailed back the hookah and wasn't able to hear one word about the situation. I've been screwed by internet vendors before and I don't want to make the same mistakes again. We'll see how long it takes to get the actual refund. So far the process has lasted 4 weeks and I have no hookah and no money. Just a bad situation when your trying to pay for college, living, and a hookah.
You cant be serious with that one.
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