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Default Got tangiers to smoke good out of a normal bowl:P

I dont own a funnel so had to do it this way. I started by packing it as hard as i could but still over the rim. The opened airways to the holes keeping it packed hard. i put the foil over it and opened some HUGE ASS holes. I stared up some QLs and cut it i 4. am using 3 pieces. Am getting good smoke (not HOGE clouds but really good amount) and nice flavour. it aint a ten but hey its my first success (just failed the 1st time). The draw is a bit tighter than Normal but its an enjoyable session. Am like 10 mins with a minor buzz (but i was hitting hard to start it).


EDIT : smoke is getting thicker and more fluffy and still good flavour.
i if keep getting good sessions like this am posting a tutorial on how to pack a noraml bowl.

EDIT no.2 : i worked a bit on my heat managment. am at about 35 mins i think. the flavour has improoved. it aint a 10/10 nut its nice. Bigger clouds but still had better. Seems to work fine...

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