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Default Re: Try making a bowl of an apple...

ALright guys, im back.
im now smoking on a bowl made out of a kiwi with strawberry shisha in it. loving it, been going on it for a solid 45 min now and its working great.

U do get the kiwi aftertaste with the kick of strwberry. i think this will work great with vanilla or maybe bannana shisha as well. really recommend u guys to try this. not just with a kiwi, try apple, lemon everything shaped like a bowl.

Thanks again to Sambooka for intruducing me to this!

ill attach some pics on the process on making it aswell

// happy smoking
savage smoker

Ps. shinny side up or down cant really make a diffrence out of it. sure putting it down will get better heat but thats never a problem for me. DS.
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