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Default Re: Porcelain Syrian and other new stuff

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Ahhh, Iran, i knew they were too intricate for anything NOT from the middle East. Those are the most gorgeous rigs I have ever seen without a doubt. You gotta tell me a way to get my hands on on of those...

And yes i got the tunes, and DAMN, did I enjoy them. As did the others who were listening. I replied to the email, and i'll do the other thing you suggested soon, I just wanna listen to them more.
I guess I can't see how you'd get that stuff without going to Iran. Basically the only thing I want now is one of those huge, solid brass deals the Turkmen make that weigh something like 10 kilos for just the stem. Those things are heavenly sight and like that they have brass tubes to smoke from rather then hoses.

I am very happy you enjoyed the tunes. Ethereal Omega and Amuck in the Ether are playing this weekend and we'll be trying out some new material to see how it does. It's a little weird playing live do to my face being as it is but no one else seems to mind so I guess it's just me making too much out of it.
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