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Default Re: Try making a bowl of an apple...

Okay Jasmine and I are off to the kitchen to cut our granny smith, I forgot a damn kiwi at the store today.

Edit: Okay bowl took about 3-4 min to make at most and was very easy. I turned it into a Phunel-type bowl and placed the tobacco around the sides of it. I used 4-5 small nails in a cross-cross pattern to stop anything form falling down the stem and placed about a 3/4" by 3/4 piece of aluminum foil in the center in the shape of a thimble with small groves in the bottom allowing the smoke to go through but stopping the tobacco, i held this down by two small thumbtacks.

This method works great and it almost feels like smoking out of a brand new hookah! We used Layalina Blueberry and blackberry on the bottom portion and glazed the entire top with some Layalina mint, the flavor from the granny smith apple and this combo worked very very well.

I give this a 10/10, will do this project again many times over and when we get our new digital I will take a step by step process on how we did this.

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