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Default Re: Tangiers this Tangiers that....

How is it you know so much about Tangiers? Are you the manufacturer? Or a vendor?

Originally Posted by mdl View Post
Exactly. NOTHING has changed in the production of Tangiers Tobacco. The only thing being done differently is the grooming (removal of stems). Again, not a single production process step has changed.

billyy - you have to understand that this is a forum and like any other forum people come here with either issues or praise. Everyone has different preferences and just because someone likes a product it doesn't make it good and because someone hates the same product it doesn't make it bad.

I will tell you that Tangiers Tobacco is made with great care. The production process is tedious and hard work. The tobacco is tested many times before flavors are released to the market which is a reason for the washed line taking a bit of time to hit the shelves.

If anyone has questions of issues with their tobacco please PM me and I'll see how I can help you.
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