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Default Re: Strange question - hoses

well checked all the local stores - nobody has them. asked the last place and turns out the reason no-one carries them is almost teh very reason I want one - they are often turned into hoses for less than legal items. I laughed at the woman when she told me that - I told her I wanted to make a Hookah Hose. She got angery but I showed her a picture and explained. Then she though it was a good idea - :

But my thing is that I've never held one - I wanted to see how stiff they were and such not. Shishaholic, I've seen that site and another, but the shipping (or min order required) makes buying a normal nammor more cost effective in the long run.

Hose/tubing (plus shipping) + tips + fabric for a cover = the nammor is cheaper.

Plus, I don't have any MYA wide tips, although I have 2 Syrian tips that may work. Blarg... Ebay sells the CPAP tubing as well, but again w/ the shipping issue.

All this hunting for new hose materials is making me understand why Hoses are so pricey in the first place. I even found the A/C vent hose and turned it down, WAY TOO STIFF to work right (plus the ends where HUGE).
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