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Default Re: Buying my first Hookah

1) I usd to live in Boston, but don't know of any particular places that seel hookah related items.However, most middle eastern markets should sell most of what you need with regards to coals and tobacco.

2)you want to go for coals that are made for hookah. There are other coals out there that are suitable for shisha smoking, but I would avoid experimentation. At least until your a more experienced smoker and know what to look for.As I stated above mid-eastern stores that sell tobacco will prolly have the cols you need.There are different types of coals availiable and it is just a matter of prefference.Natural wood, finger coals, japanese tabs, and quicklites are the most common types you'll see.You'll need to experiment to find a brand/style your comfortable with.Just remember, regardless of what you choose, be sure they are thouroughly lit all the way thru before smoking.Partially lit coals are harmful to smoke.

3)all in all you need coals, foil(i would suggest heavy duty), a decent hose, shisha tobacco,bowl,and's a vid to help you get set up-
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