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Default Sensible Smoking

On thing that has come to my attention in recent months is that a lot of young people (late teens and twenty somethings) have discovered the wonders of the narghile. While this new found popularity is great I have noticed a lot of people complaining here and else where about headaches, dizziness, disorientation and the like so I think it high time that I say something about the sensible enjoyment of the wonderful invention we call the narghile or, more commonly in the states, the hookah.

As a result of all narghile being indirectly heated via charcoal CO production and inhalation are inevitable if you inhale. Too much CO inhalation can be vary dangerous and even fatal so if you feel dizziness, disorientation or nausea it is a sure sign that your body is telling you to change the way you smoke.

I wish that everyone knows what I am about to say but itís obvious that such a presumption is unfounded. Never smoke with charcoal designed for use with cooking grills as they produce enough CO to put your life in danger. I know that a lot of people want to start smoking as quickly as possible and if your one of those people then narghiles are not suited to you. I say this because if you are not willing to put in the time needed to set up and clean your narghile you will not have a very enjoyable experience. In terms of coals only use ones made expressly for use with a narghile. No matter what sort of coal you use never draw smoke until it has started to ash.

If you smoke a western style pipe the wrong way youíll have a tongue that hurts and a sore throat so how you smoke matters as well as what you smoke. I know that a lot of people love the look of huge clouds and smoke rings the size of car tires but those things are often obtained by inhaling way too much smoke too quickly and when you do that you get far too much CO along with your clouds.

Smoking should not be about massive clouds, impressing people or proving that you can suck in more smoke then anyone else at a party but instead it should be about the love of craftsmanship, the taste and sensation of the smoke, relaxation and friendship. As such smoking should be relaxing and something that you should do slowly. You will have far less problems if you wait 30 seconds to a minute between draws and youíll get to savor the taste more.

Itís a bad idea to smoke on an empty stomach or drink alcohol when you smoke as a lack of food or booze will amplify the impact of the CO youíre taking in. Instead, have some coffee, tea, water or soda as well as some bread or fruit when you smoke. I assure you youíll enjoy it more.

Like anything in life too much narghile smoking at one time is very unpleasant. If you are new to smoking keep your seasons to no more then 45 until youíve become comfortable with the hobby. No matter how experienced you are I would advise against smoking for then two hours a day and should note that for many people smoking more then one hour a day is a bad idea.

Narghiles are a wonderful part of my life and would rather that everyone that uses them feel similarly. In order for that to be the case smokers need to exercise a bit care with not just what but how they smoke.
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