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Default Welcome to the Cool forum lol

Welcome to the new forum. Sammy is codeing like a beast. I am Smokeing hookah Like a Beast. We have asked some more folks to become MODs. JD and GD. Also there is alot going on behind the scenes. A chat room is being built by wonderful and talented Admin MOD Sambookah. Trying to figure out a Vendors section. There you will be able to have a Banner. But not yet. Soon all these things will be happening. So have fun be nice to each other. Do Not talk about Drugs. Not even Saliva. I will thro a hammer and give out a 23 head chop. 32 hour bannn. So lets have fun enjoy. Tell a friend or three. JD I would love to open a Smiley's over the ocean. I hope your going to be my partner. Have fun friends Smoke Hookah and Live.
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