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Default Pumpkin hookah setup help!

First of all, I'm glad to be a part of the forum!

I purchased a pumpkin hookah the other day. I did not know that it was a pumpkin hookah when I bought it, and I also didnt know that I paid WAY too much for it, and to top it off I can't return it. My girlfriend and I are going to try it out this weekend and I want to try to get the setup right the first time. I have a few questions and would GREATLY appreciate some help!

1)Water/water level. I plan on using cold water with ice in it (done in a blender if cubes won't fit). Where should I set the water level? All the research I have done so far says that the water level is critical on this style, and should be .5 inches above the stem?

2)Coals/placement. I bought some 'taru' quicklights at the same place that ripped me off for the hookah. Are they any good? Or should I try to find something else. I'm going to a different shop today because the one place only had 'herbal' shista. Should I get natural coals if I can find them? Can I heat natural coals on an electric stove?

3)Tin foil. Should I use 1 or 2 layers?

4)Clean up. What do I do with it when I'm done to clean it?

Any other tips/tricks would help. I want to get this right the first time!

Thanks so much
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