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Default Shipping to Canada?

Iím currently shopping for a:
Hookah Ė No idea what style :|Something 20inch.. ish Looking to spend +/- 100 CND
Tobacco; Al Fakher Grape
Starbuzz Bluemist
TangiersÖ I have no idea what flavor, mainly getting it for the buzz, anyone have any suggestions?
Coal Ė I donít really know which coal, I know quick lights you can light with a lighter and for natural coal you need a stove? I normally smoke indoors, so is there another upside to natural? Also, whats a good natural coal brand.

Well as you can see Im shopping for pretty much everything.. my real concern is that Iím from Canada, Toronto, and Iíve never bought anything online, Iím a bit worried about shipping stuff from the states, especially tobaccoÖ
Does anyone know sites that will ship to Canada? Or anyone thatís selling the stuff im looking for? Iíd be able to buy C.O.DÖ also if people could give feedback on the Hookah / Coal / Tangier stuff Iíd greatly appreciate it .

[FONT=Calibri]- [/FONT]Thanks
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