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Default Re: Some Exciting NEWS .. for Elite Members!!

HookahPro Elite members,

You guys/gals are very welcome!
I am very happy that we were given this great opportunity to reward hookahpro's elite members. You deserved it!
i only wish we gave more!!
I hope everyone enjoys their "box of goodies"

Thanks SamBooka for creating such a great forum for people to learn and discuss hookahs! This is such a friendly and well informed community.
I love how everyone treats each other here.
The elite members definitely deserved a box of goodies, after reading your posts and seeing how helpful you guys are to newbies and other hookah smokers, it was our pleasure to be the 1st sponsor.

Thanks everyone for the kind words,
if there is anything you need you can contact me or lovely Megan toll free at 1-866-208-1339, or by e-mail to

have fun with the box of goodies!
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