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Default Please help. Need the help of real Shisha/Hookah experts. (long)

Hi there,

I've been smoking Shisha for a good 6-7 years and have tried alot of things while smoking.
A problem Iíve been having recently is getting that really thick white cloud of smoke.

Its stop happening for over a year now, tried doing all sorts of things. Ice in the glass, separating the tobacco really well (even blending it, so its tiny, which smokes quite well actually)
Ive tested for leaks, water levels, but nothing works has changed it for me.
So about a few months ago, I started buying new stuff for the same hookah I had, I bought an ice chamber, Japanese coals, diffuser (filter for pipe in the water) and only use Al-Fakher (real one, im a seller so I know its real lol)

I put it all together, separated the tobacco real well, let it get air for a few hours, prepared the ice and ice chamber, tightened everything up. lit the coals, put it on, let it wait a bit.
and BAM, I had huge smooth, effortless clouds with full flavour that rippled into the air, absolutely great. Lasted a long time and great. This was with the normal instant light coals and really good foil, specially for Shisha foil.

But again, after that 1 session, I cant get the same thing.
The only things that has changed, is the foil, Iím using this 1 now ( which isnít as good, and cant find the other 1 for now, till I see my friend again. and obviously the coals are always different.

What Iíve noticed is, I light the coals, Japanese or instant (swift-lite), let them get red hot, put them on the head, it sizzles for a bit, then I notice the bottom of the coal isnít red hot anymore. I lift it up and its crap, itís like black and have to blow it till it gets red again and same thing happens. I do get smoke, and after awhile it gets thicker, but not like it was for all these years, and when it gets thicker, it loses the flavour.

So, is it the foil that takes the heat away from the coal and makes the bottom black or not red hot like I want? (Iíve tried shiny side up and down with the foil). Or are all these boxes of coal and different types I use suck?
Is there a coal that stays red hot for awhile? It only tends to go black or not so red when I put them on the head and wait for cook the Shisha for awhile.

Iíve also changed my foil around too, using the normal foil I used from years ago.

Anyway, experts, I need your opinion. Help me out.
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