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Default Re: Please help. Need the help of real Shisha/Hookah experts. (long)

I am by no means an expert of any kind, but a little more information would help.

What is your hole pattern on the foil?
If you you put too many holes, or too big of holes, more air gets in around the coals that isn't being heated enough to cook the shisha. More air=less smoke, and it tends to thin out the smoke a little.

What bowl are you using?
After i went to a funnel bowl with scalli mod my smoke density went up a good amount because more glycerin stay in the bowl to get heated and create those luscious clouds you are looking for.

Also with Japanese coals, i found the same thing you did, the bottom would go dark black, and not the red-hot i wanted. So when i rotated the coals the first time, i ashed and flipped the coals over so the red-hot tops were on the foil. The smoke volume always jumped up when i did this.

But you seem to have gone beyond most things that i would recommend, so some of the other hookah champs might have more suggestions...
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