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Default Re: Shipping to Canada?

Originally Posted by Bassism View Post
I bought some shisha from Minnesota Hookah. I believe they carry all the brands you're interested in. I posted a review in the review section of my experience. And although shipping is fairly expensive, by the time you buy two packs of shisha, including shipping, the price is on par with what I would pay for two packs of shisha locally, with the bonus of being able to get better brands and whatever flavour you want.

I can't speak for buying a hookah from the states, as I haven't done that yet. I would recommend buying your hookah and shisha separately. Although you'll pay a bit more in shipping fees, the hookah will most likely be inspected at the border and you'll have to pay taxes and duty. It's important that your shisha isn't taxed at the border, since you'll end up paying about 60 bucks per 250g pack. Also, keep your shisha orders low in volume, since a smaller package is less likely to be inspected.

Good luck, and don't be afraid to keep asking questions!
I can definately agree with that, it is so true.
I can buy a 250g tub of AF for $25 at a local store. Before the month of May ends, I plan on getting two 250g tubs of AF and a box of Exotica Natural Charcoal. There is a deal for that combo at, with shipping I calculated the total cost (I'm near Niagara Falls) its was just under 50 dollars. So in the end I will have payed about 2 dollars less than just buying two tubs of AF, AND I will get a box of Exoticas along with it. Also there is much more variety in terms of flavours.
I have ordered from Nazar Hookah before, and Mahir is very accommodating.
Great customer service, and he will make sure your packages are marked as gifts . Although that does not necessarily guarantee that you won't get F'ed in the A by customs, or brokerage fees.

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