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Default Learning everyday, but a few more questions:)

Great forum guys. I'm about to try out the new hookah this weekend (first time setting one up myself) and I have a few more questions.

1)Cleaning it before first use-How should I clean it, and what should I clean it with before the first use?

2)Coals-I got a roll of 3 kings quick lites. Not sure the size but I'm guessing 40 MM. How do I light them? What do I light them with? How do I know they are lit? Should I use one broke in half on the bowl? I assume I break it in half before I light it lol?

3)Tin foil. How many layers? Shiny side down right?

4)After use cleaning-Do I need to clean it after each use? Again, what do I clean it with and how?

5)Tobacco storage-Fridge in a ziplock a good idea? Stir before using right?

Thanks for all the help. I'm trying to make the first use go as smooth as possible

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