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Default Re: Learning everyday, but a few more questions:)

1) Once you first buy it brand new just rinse it under water that should be fine.

2) Quick lites let out a toxic smell which is bad to inhale, let the coal sit for a bit before using or buy 100% natural coals .

3) Yep ... Shiny side down with a single layer make sure you don't pack to much tobacco keep it under the rim of the bowl an don't let the foil or coals touch the tobacco. You don't wont to burn it.

4) Its best to rinse it out with water after every use so its really for next time, then give it a good full clean every 3rd day. ...
Sambooka has heaps of awesome how too video on youtube Part 1 & 2 on how to clean your hookah

(part 1)
(Part 2)

5) No don't store your tobacco in the fridge keep it sealed in a tube container and make sure to mix the tobacco around with spoon or a tooth pick to get the juices flowing back to the top before you pack the bowl.

6) Your now on your way to becoming a HookahPro ... Enjoy

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