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Default Re: Learning everyday, but a few more questions:)

1) I would fully clean it before use. A couple of mine had weird dust trapped in hose ports that mixed with the condensed smoke and made it really nasty until i cleaned it thoroughly

2)Coals- Use a regular lighter, or a torch. I like to break my coals after they are fully lit, as it seems a lot easier to me. just poke it right in the middle with tongs and they should snap in half but be careful not to crush down or theyll fall apart

3)Tin foil. I use 1 layer of reynold's heavy duty, shiny side down

4)After use cleaning - I clean my hookahs after each use, usually with brushes. If there is a nasty smell, I use beer to get it out. I clean the hose and purge ports every few smokes.

5)Tobacco storage - No fridge, ziplocks are fine. Yes, stir, the juices is where the goodness is at.
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