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Default Great Tangiers Session

Hey all,
Last night I brought some Tangiers passionfruit to a party and had a great session. For the setup I just used a normal bowl tightly packed around the edges and lightly packed in the centre. I used two pieces of foil. I ran one 33mm 3K at a time.

I'm amazed at how long a bowl of Tangiers can burn for. I went through three coals before I packed it up for the night, and it was still going strong. Once I finish breakfast I'm going to go light it back up and see how long it'll last.

I was a little hesitant to bring the Tangiers to a party since it requires so much heat management, but it worked out fine. I moved the coal around probably every few minutes. This way I knew that it wasn't going to burn when I didn't get the hose for five or ten minutes at a time.

The important thing is everybody loved it. Everybody was just loving the taste, those who weren't smoking enjoyed the smell, and everybody was pretty nicely buzzed.

All in all, it was my best Tangiers session yet, and probably my best session at a party as well.

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