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Default Re: exotica issue (again)

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
This is funny since I have been reportingthis issue for a long time and was publicly flogged for doing so. Gabe basically told me I was personally attacking him and that his coals are far superior to anything and that theres no way they are splitting, crumbling or cracking.......Glad to see its not just me. Sadly I will continue to use my 3K QL's until I get off my dead arse and try some coconara's or Jap QL's or something else. I am a little gun shy about coals ATM so I stick to the QL's
I remember this. However,gabe claimed that the issue had been taken care of since then,and in fact for quite a while, they were working like a champ.Now suddenly, it seems the problem has returned.
And husky, I just got a sample of the coconaras from zen yesyerday and they are in fact as good as everyone claims. Lil pricey,however!
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