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Default Fake Mya?

About three weeks ago I ordered a 23" mya acrylic. I'm still pretty new to this whole hookah thing(3-4 months) and I had never owned a mya hookah. I noticed that my model was a bit different from the hookahs that I was browsing through on the maya saray website. The valve release was different and the base was a little different. The screw on downstem did not have "Mya" written on it as I noticed true myas do. It had the logo "inhale" on the downstem and on the tray platform. Also I found a good deal on a different color mya base and bought it. It came in the mail yesterday and it came in a cool mya box with a handle and had mya written across the bottom of the base. Also the bottom band of color did not come all the way down on the true mya base which wasnt the case with the base that I had received with my "mya" hookah. also I quickly came to realise that the base did not fit my stem. I'm pretty sure that I got a fake and I wish that I would have known the difference when I bought it. I will not mention the vendor as I am still waiting on an email from them to see if they will fix this issue. They clearly have it listed as a mya model and it clearly isnt a true mya saray which is the reason I bought it in the first place. Am I mistaken? How exactly do I handle this situation? Need some advice.