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Originally Posted by wolfstar View Post
It's pretty standard policy to refund on return however I would also demand a refund of the return shipping price as well. Post the companies name as I'd personally like to know what company can't tell a real Mya from an obvious fake so I know never to deal with them. When/if you get your refund spend the money at ******* Hookah, John knows his stuff and will treat you right and the way his going it will be a true one stop shop soon
sure thing. As soon as i get my refund ill be in the market for a mya. Only i'll have to come up with some extra cash because I'll only be refunded about 70 bucks. The "mya" was only 50 bucks. Thought I was getting a deal. Should have known I was being jerked around. well I know It wont happen to anyone else because they have changed their product description to "Mya-Like" still have the picture up of the actual mya though. I'm not posting the name because I'm mad (even though I am) but I'm telling yall who it is because i think it was very wrong and i think they are ill equipped to be running a hookah biz if they don't know the diff between the real deal and a fake. It is TEXASHOOKAH. I hate to have to mention the name negatively like this because I've already written a good review of the company but i didnt know my hookah was a fraud till last night so... How is it right for them to tell me this?...

"We sold you an Acrylic INHALE hookah thinking it was a MYA in the beginning as a honest mistake, but if you wanted a MYA so much and that's all you wanted than you should have known how the hookah looks frontwards and backwards."

complete crap! In my opinion if they are going to sell "mya" hookahs then they should know that it is a mya. I am new to this and had no clue. yet the blame is getting pushed on me. it is the customers fault! of course! How silly of me!

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