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Default Re: Fake Mya?

Here is the situation. It was an honest mistake as we do not deal with MYA hookahs as of now and have been getting these acrylic hookahs made by INHALE from a distributor of ours that has in the catalog MYA-like. I overlooked the MYA-"like" part when doing my description. Once K4L30 pointed this out in the very first email, we changed the description immediately. K4L30 has been using this acrylic hookah for 3 weeks and said he loves, but is now furious at us that it is not the actual MYA, which is very understandable. In the course of the 3 weeks we sent him a free base and free hose via USPS Priority Mail free of charge for this hookah. Now, due to us not supplying MYA as of right now, we kindly offered to give a FULL REFUND the full price of the USED hookah AND PAY FOR THE SHIPPING. This hookah that we receive back goes straight into the trash due to being used. K4L30 did not like this idea and wants us to purchase a MYA from another hookah website and exchange it for the used hookah that we will be throwing away. We made an honest mistake and try to fix our problem the best we can. From our past reviews on any forum you all can see that we try to do everything we can in the customer's favor. We have great reviews in every forum including this one. We are at a lost with K4L30 and I hope this will not hurt our business as we do strive for excellent customer satisfaction. We have only been in business for 9 months now but are growing at a rapid speed. We just wanted to clarify all the details so everyone has both sides of the story. Thank you and I apologize sincerely for this long rant. On the upside we have added ZONA tobacco, has anyone tried it, and what do you guys think? We will start another post for this.