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Default Re: Fake Mya?

K4L30- I'm not saying you should be "grateful" or happy about this whole ordeal, I'd be upset as well If I were you, but you have to understand that in the hookah world, You usually wont' get a refund on a hookah you have been smoking out of for almost a month.

You smoked out of it for 3 weeks, and had no issue, then when you found out it wasn't the right thing, they offered to rectify it, but it wasnt good enough? You wanted them to personally buy the hookah from mya , and have it shipped to you? That's not usually how things work man. You were offered a full refund + shipping, I know companies that won't even DEAL w/ refunds on used hookahs, and they are BIG companies!

A real mya is probably double what you paid him, since he doesn't have a vendor account with them, he can't buy it. Make sense? (Real mya = 85.00, you paid =49.99....)

I'm not trying to be rude, but that's not really feasable man. Ship the hookah back, get your refund, buy a mya, and be happy again.

I'm sorry you feel shafted and hope things work out for you.

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