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Default Re: Nicotine as an addictive substance

wow nice read. I sat there and read it all

I would like to say on some level i agree and disagree. Just because as a previous smoker (ick) it was a hard hard hard thing to kick. When I quit i had headaches, cravings, and was overall not a very fun person to be around the first week or two. I didnt have the shakes or anything like that though.

I would say habit because when I went outside to smoke, I would always have someone to talk to. I would smoke as something to do with my hands while we talked, as well as relax on my 15 minute break. I would also smoke in social situations. If I drank, I smoked. Again, something to do with my hands.

I believe it is a little bit of both. I don't think the addiction is a severe addiction. I never freaked out because I didn't have any, or stole money to get them. I just bummed one, or went about my business until I could get some.

As for other drugs and alcohol, i believe the addiction rate is def more severe than nicotine. I crave hookah. But I can also go without, I believe I am actually craving all aspects of hookah, relaxing, conversation and good smoke.

I believe that the anti nicotine campagines are just trying to get everyone to quit, like the WHO is trying to scare everyone to quit smoking hookah. Just think if everyone quit smoking how much money our govenments would lose?
Nice article.

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