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Default Re: Chat

oh my what a wonderful conversation we just had in chat-

[KoRnKitten] 1:11 pm: lol
[KoRnKitten] 1:11 pm: KK for president!
[FlyingRock] 1:11 pm: hmm
[KoRnKitten] 1:11 pm: they'd be doing the polls and they'd say who the f is kk??
[merkaba] 1:11 pm: all the old geezers would make up some rediculous reason
[KoRnKitten] 1:11 pm: lol
[Huskysibe] 1:11 pm: Campaing slogan would be simply.....Meow
[sammniamii] 1:11 pm: i'll pretend i didn't read that Rock.....
[KoRnKitten] 1:11 pm: SWEET
[KoRnKitten] 1:12 pm: I'd have peta backing my vote just on that alone!
[Huskysibe] 1:12 pm: yup yup
[sammniamii] 1:12 pm: KK for PP - lol
[merkaba] 1:12 pm: If I was president, I'd totally legalize it, tax the hell out of it and
make the taxes go directly to education
[sammniamii] 1:12 pm: Hey Mahir
[KoRnKitten] 1:12 pm: kk the peoples president
[NazarHookah] 1:12 pm: heh thanks
[KoRnKitten] 1:13 pm: hahah i'm going to put that in my siggy....
[Huskysibe] 1:13 pm: Mahir, we are currently trying to elect KK as the new president

the rest will have to be read and gathered from my siggy ahahahahahah

KK FOR PRESIDENT... *if i disappear the secret service has found me and won't release me* just a warning

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