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Default Re: ******* hookah delivery

Originally Posted by daedra View Post
before anyone says this should be in the vendor review section, what john did for me today went beyond vendor. it all started with last night. i was wanting to smoke some hookah but there just wasnt anything interesting in my warchest (place where i put shishas).

so i had this idea of placing a order at ******* hookah for some starbuzz etc. before placing it though i realized, this is silly, why am i doing this when johns store is right down the street. normally one would drive down there but i dont have a car and not many people have enough interest in hookah to give me a ride. so i cancelled it.

today i got a call from john to see whats going on and i told him my whole story about what happened last night. heres where things get interesting. john told me it wouldnt be a problem to make a delivery. yes. ******* hookah's first delivery. my mouth nearly dropped. i told him some things i needed: shisha and coals. he also made some AF suggestions - a buy five, get 3 free deal.

after all that was done and said, i waited a bit till john closed his store (four pm), then he arrived at my house. had it all there in a bag for me, i handed him the moneys and he left. as i said earlier, this is seriously beyond being a vendor. for him to do this for me was one of the nicest things someone has ever done for me.


heres a pic of all the goodies i got:

(SB citrus mist, SB peaches & creme, AF charcoal, AF pipe, AF cinnamon, AF apple, AF mango, AF melon, AF vanilla, AF berry, AF peach, pack of AF playing cards, not pictured is the huge smile on my face haha)

PS: there is no official delivery service or delivery van hahaha.. this was merely something john did for me because of my situation.
What a great vendor!! I've never dealt w/john but have coresponded w/him and he seems like a guy who is very dedicated to our hobby.
This is similar to an arangement I have w/Ramsey and Tarik from MNH.
They live 15 minutes outside of south minneapolis(where I live). I just place an order online, use my own personal discount code(hookahpro discount minus shipping), and swing by there house to pick up my goodies and chill for a bit. (I think I've done the ole squeeze n' sniff to every bag of moassell they have in stock!LOL)
It's really great to have vendors such as these guys a part of the community!
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