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Default Re: Nicotine as an addictive substance

Hello KK, as always it's a pleasure to hear from you. Basically I think that the phrase addiction is like so many terms bandied about in public policy debates in that it has been rendered meaningless by a fashionable political agenda rather then anything relating to science. Having read a bit on the topic I have discovered that over 90% of the world's millions of ex-smokers gave up the habit without professional medical services or prescription drugs which is something that be claimed of no controlled substance. I will also note that the use of nicotine delivery products that are not tobacco based have a less then impressive record of ending people's desire to smoke bringing me to the sensible conclusion that nicotine is not what a great many smokers seek from smoking.

Personally I don't like cigarettes and obviously smoking a pack or more a day entails a significant (although highly debatable) risk factor insofar as lung cancer is concerned so I am not saying that smoking is harmless. What I am saying is that the health risks associated with any form of tobacco use is highly over rated.

The blather about addiction we hear of so much in the media and anti-tobacco lobbies is nothing more then a rhetorical device used to portray smokers as powerless slaves held captive by nicotine who must be forced from their wicked ways by ever higher taxes, public scorn and oppressive laws.
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