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Default Re: Sensible Smoking

Originally Posted by merkaba
it has a lot to do with conditioning.

sort of along the lines of when you hear hooves, think horse not zebra if that makes any sense.
Yeap... visited a local "glass shop" that was supposed to have a good selection of hookahs and supplies. BLARG... they only had Social Smoke Hookahs and very limited shisha, which was WAY OVER PRICED ($3.00 for 50g of Nahkla, $4 for 50g HH and $25 for 250g SB).

Great glass, but we all know the direction of their glass works. Bummer... but it's a stigma that we've (true hookah smokers) have got to break people of.

But Hajo, it's so true - I've stopped "clouding" unless making videos and it's so much more relaxing. And lasts so much longer. This isn't a "race" to finish the bowl, it's a relaxing past-time meant to be savored and enjoyed.
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