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Originally Posted by thebigshizo
Adderal + Hookah = SCREWED UP!!!!! My doctor reciently put me on this new adderal patch to help me with my schooling....well the first day i took it i ended up smoking my nakala peach at the end of the night....all was normal utill i got up....i could not sand at was unlike any hookah buzz i have ever gotten, litterly i could not walk!!! everytime i tried 2 walk i kept falling to the steps....after many failed attempts i yelled for help and my brother helped me up the stairs to my was fucked up!!!! the next day i dint take he patch and everything was then i took the patch the following day and the same thing happed after an hour sesion of was really wierd....
I hope you read and follow the advice I put in sensible smoking because just about every problem I have ever heard of can be corrected by better technique. As to adderal I never heard of it but i've heard enough horror stories about kids being given various drugs to help them study that I hope your family has read up on the issues very closely and that you get a second opinion from another doctor. As to smoking i'd say that if it causes problems when done in conjunction with a drug you have to take i's strongly recommend not smoking.
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