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Default Re: Sensible Smoking

That post should be chiseled in stone for the benefit of future generations.

I especially sustain and the smoking for ones own enjoyment.... not a competition.

If you smoke a western style pipe the wrong way you’ll have a tongue that hurts and a sore throat so how you smoke matters as well as what you smoke. I know that a lot of people love the look of huge clouds and smoke rings the size of car tires but those things are often obtained by inhaling way too much smoke too quickly and when you do that you get far too much CO along with your clouds.
An argument (or so it would appear) we look like we also agree on. Too many times have you read posts about "cant taste my shisha" or "tongue/throat hurts". I used to scream that Tongue Bite was the culprit.....a chemical burn on the tongue. I got very little enthusiasm about that notion.... I suppose becasue the solution to avoiding tongue bite is limitation and patient smoking.

anyway.... fine post, there!
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