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Default Re: So iam looking to open a hookah lounge?

Offer smooth smoke. That is more important than people getting a good buzz. People will quickly turn down your place for another if the hookah isn't smooth. To do this I think the easiest thing to do would be to use Al Fakhr.

Use real coals. QL will run you more money plus they don't last as long.

Start the prices low. If you feel you can, then increase the price later on.

Offer multiple price sets. Make the cheapest around 7-10, and go from there.

Make things interesting. Ask customers if they want anything in the vase, if they have ever smoked hookah bubbles, and if they want to try it, whatever.

Atmosphere is more important than you may think. Have a good sound system with good music.

Make sure the furniture you put in is sturdy and doesn't slide around. This will minimize hookahs falling over and such.

Keep the hookahs on the ground!! The last thing you need is to have people getting 3rd degree burns from the coals.

I wouldn't worry too much about food. I would worry more so about drinks. Do not make alcohol available, but that's my opinion. A lot of the south Asian people might not appreciate that, and they could very well be a strong part of your customer base.

Make non-alcoholic drinks available like Pina Coladas, Daquerie's (sp?), things like that. People love that stuff along with their shisha.

If you decide to have food, make sure it's not too greasy or heavy. That stuff with shisha may give customers a feeling of nausea. Try light stuff.

Sell shisha too. Once people get a taste they will want to have it in their own hookahs as well, so mark up the shisha and take your own cut.

If I think of anything else I'll post.
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