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Default Re-Flavoring Zona

Zona tobacco is a bit of a different tobacco then what most of you are used to. The juice (Glycerin, Honey, Flavor) is very watery at the bottom of the jar, but the honey causes some of the flavor to stick pretty well to the tobacco leaves. Also, there is absolutely NO food coloring added in.

What i propose to do is to re-wash the Zona tobacco, maybe even just enough to remove the flavor (instead of boiling it), and add a flavor of my own choice. I have the capabilities, (Glycerin, Honey, a wide range of exciting flavors), but i'm not entirely sure it would work.

What do you guys think?

I'm planning on starting today, getting rid of most of the flavor. I am using the Jungle Juice flavor that has absolutely no taste whatsoever, so I'm hoping i can get the flavoring off.
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