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Default Re: So iam looking to open a hookah lounge?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I ran one successfully for a couple of years and my advice is don't unless you have:

1) About 50K for the start up and enough money to operate at a loss for a year
2) You have severals years experience operating a cafe at a profit.
3) You can afford to lose it all when the anti-tobacco lobby shuts you down
4) You are willing to work 16 hour days 7 days a week for a year
5) You can explain exactly why you've chosen the location you have to get into the shisha business.
6) Understand that that if all goes well you'll only make around 50K a year at best

this is a great make sure you focus on #1 and #2 because you cannot open a business and expect it to blossom right away you have to have money to keep it running for at least a year. in the figure out when the place would be packed and make sure you have minimum staff in the biggining and expand once more people show up.

It would make sense to throw parties with all your friends to come and pack the place remember preseption is 90% if people see its packed, they will want to go in, if its empty no one will show up. when i go resturants i dont look at the menu, i look on how many people are inside. If its packed the food got to be good , if its empty the food is crap.
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