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Default Re: Funnel Bowls?

It's nice to have around and I hope you post regularly as this place has some great people.

Basically, the funnel is intended for you with Tangiers brand shisha although since I don't smoke it I am not sure what makes it so well suited to that brand. For people that don't use Tangiers you really should get the medium funnel with the so called so called scalli-mod which is a pyrex cap that rests in the center of the bowl.

What the funnel does is it keeps wet style shisha more flavourful by keeping all the juices in the bowl rather then running down into your stem. It also heats evenly in my experience meaning that you can extract more flavour from the wetter shisha styles and get a longer smoke.

I love my medium funnel and I use it often although never without the scalli mod.

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