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Default Re: vendor question to the HP community

Originally Posted by dakingkevin23 View Post
Please tell me you confused fusion and fantasia.
All the fusion i have looks like AF with the starbuzz wetness.
And i don't think john has to sell it for 18 bucks...
Hi dakingkevin, at $18 I will be making good margin, however, the company has told us vendors where they want the pricing to be at. I don't think it's a good idea, but I can't undercut every other vendor, especially when there are market rules ion place. I can always make speacials where buy 3 for a disounted rate, or throw in some freebies at that price but that is what I have been told. I belive in fair market competition but the point of this thread was to see if there is demand here, so that I could make my decision. With what most have said I don't think I will do this for now as I'm a daily hookah smoker as most of us here and I have a budget for smoking. Although I haven't tried it yet I don't think I'd be willing to at that price. Maybe I'll sample some and tell you guys this is the latest/greatest but I'm not going to rush that, nor will I lie just to hype a product. Thanks for helping me in the decision, dakingkevin and everyone else here.

Now, onto Fusion. I tried it personally a year ago, I think it was bueberry, I tried to smoke one bowl and was disgusted by the color, the color it left under my fingernails and was probably the only tobacco that i threw away an entire 250g pack after 10 minutes of smoking. Sorry to be so blunt, maybe I'll try it again but for now, I'm AF 80% of the time SB nakhla 15% and 5% open minded.
rant over
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