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Default Re: vendor question to the HP community

are you on meds it's ok, just to reiterate, I could sell it for less but then Fantasia would come after me and force me to raise prices (i really don't know how they could enforce that) Other respectable vendors who are HP members sell it for x$, then I come in and sell it for $5 less than they do. Not only will that vendor want to kick my but but so will Fantasia. Also, I don't want to go down that road as a vendor, I am very open to fair competition. I try to have the lowest prices I can afford and throw in specials as much as I can. This is completely fair. the point is I don't think I want to carry their line if their price point is that high. I am not convinced it's worth that price yet.
now, no hookah tonight for you, take your meds, and call me in the morning

OK, rereading dakingkevin referring to fusion, ok, now i am on meds and calling a night. lol

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