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hi there everyone, this is my new place also it appears. i got banned from "edit" for saying why billy (pimp your hookah) really got banned from there and for posting basically his final message. was called billy's puppet and so on and so forth. "edit" gets angry for it and bans me.

so i stay in the chat room and then "edit" goes in and basically baits me into getting pissed and going off onto him. said many mean things which i meant oh so very deeply, some people laughed at it but some the people who i thought had my back turned on me the moment i was banned. i only found out by pbpredator forwarding messages to me. so i go back, tell "edit" off again and banned, said all my bans are now permanent. go back again under NotBoom and lasted a while and told off the people who turned on me before i think one of them turned me in and then "edit" banned me again. came back a few more times with a few more bans.

pred then says the perfect way to join and not be banned with works perfectly for a while, i discuss things with people for a while in pm's on there and it appears others did the same thing and yashman read the chat logs and felt hurt about what was said and in what appears to be a first on that forum (a first for myself and some other people on any forum) we "forced" a moderator to quit. so yeah i stayed a bit after that and "edit" gets on pissed and then bans me very soon afterwards and then i come onto here.

so yeah thats my story, its longer and your more than welcome to read the topic on "edit". sorry if i broke any rules with this post.

hi everyone

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