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Default Re: just smoked nakhla mango

I love both nakhla mango and strawberry and many other nakhla flavours. Unlike Starbuzz which dissapointed me, it has a deepness in its flavours that no other shisha has. Nakhla mango tastes exaclty how a fresh tangy mango would taste and leaves the mango aftertaste as well.
On the otherhand, the so-much-loved starbuzz flavours smell good but lack the taste and aftertaste, leaving me just with a nice smell. Personally am a big fan of nakhla because of their consistency, deepness and speciality of their flavours.
I think i' smoked all the classic, fakhfakhina lines and most of el nakhla line and i've yet to come accross a flavour which is not spot on. But as they say " One Mans trash is another mans Treasure"

If you have any nakhla you dont want sent them to me :P
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