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Default Re: Next experimentation

Hello DMC,
Well first of all I just want to say your videos are great! I watch your videos all the time and always look forward to your next. I don't know if you have noticed or not but there are many people out there who are trying to imitade your experimentations and videos but fail haha. Well I have A few ideas you could use in some new videos....

You could blend a whole bunch of fresh fruits together and mix them in your bowl with fruitpunch and yogurt and make a fruit smoothie a little different then your smoothie video before

You could mix different sodas or cokes together in your bowl

You could different types of candy

You could flowers like rose petals or something like that

You could do something with vegitables

You could do stuff with lemons and limes or with the zest of lemon and limes

You could do something with oranges or make an orange head

You could do something with lemonade

well that is it for now if more ideas come to my head i will post them here I hoped I helped

Waiting for your next video!
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